Get insured in the Netherlands Save up to €29 per month

We accept accident-free years from different countries
Service in Polish and many more languages
Dutch insurance company
We accept accident-free years from different countries
Service in Polish and many more languages
Dutch insurance company
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See how easy it is! Just enter the Dutch car or motorcycle registration and click “Calculate premium”. It’s so easy to see how much you’ll pay monthly.

When you insure your vehicle at, you can choose additional coverage: legal, passenger, roadside assistance in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

If you are not sure which option to choose, you can always contact our advisors who will help you choose the best policy for you for the selected vehicle.

Check out our other motor vehicle insurance:


Autocasco — What does it contain?

Check out our full-coverage all-risk insurance below and get real peace of mind on the road!


Roadside assistance – take care of your safety 

Something unexpected can always happen on the road. It’s not pleasant, especially if you’re travelling by car or motorbike. Imagine you have a breakdown and you are standing on the side of the road. What to do? Who to call?


Check your bike insurance

Bicycle insurance is a practical help in the event of an accident or breakdown on two wheels. It operates throughout the Netherlands and also includes an e-bike. If you have a new bike – insure it with


Choose motorbike/motorcycle insurance

What do I need to do to get motorcycle insurance? All you have to do is fill out the form below and fill in the data truthfully. By buying insurance, you get protection on Dutch roads, your bike deserves the best deal, and you get peace of mind when driving on local roads.

INSURE YOUR motorbike/motorcycle

Remember to insure your scooter

According to Dutch law, a scooter is a motor vehicle subject to compulsory WA insurance (TPL). The need to purchase insurance  applies to all its types. If you just bought a scooter and want to test drive it, don’t forget to insure it. You can only buy an TPL Insurance, but also an extended AC version.


Company car insurance in the Netherlands – what you need to know

The principles of company car insurance are the same as when buying insurance for private individuals, except that the purchase of an insurance for companies cars can be included in the costs of running a business. Are you determined? Contact our advisors, they will tell you what insurance your vans need. If you have questions, they will answer them too.


Trailer insurance – when is it necessary?

The online insurance of your trailer is very simple. Simply fill in the form above with your data and vehicle data. In the Netherlands, trailer insurance is not mandatory if the trailer weighs less than 750 kg, but if you want to protect the trailer from theft or damage, it is worth purchasing trailer insurance online, especially if you carry something with the trailer every day.


Insurance for young drivers – see the offer

Have you just bought your first car and want to insure it? See the offer, fill in the form above and check how much you will pay for the insurance.

Enter your details and car registration number, enter how many kilometers you drive per year. Maybe you already have a few years of accident-free driving behind you? Check which insurance you want to buy and choose the best option for you.


We advise on the selection of insurance, if you have any questions, please call: 088 1021 544.