Vehicle insurances

 See how easy it is! Enter the Dutch car or motorcycle registration and click on “Calculate contribution”. As easy as this you can see how much you will pay per month.

By taking out insurance on the website, you can choose additional insurance cover: legal, passengers, roadside assistance in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

If you are not sure which option to choose, you can always contact our advisors who will help you find the best insurance for your vehicle.

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Vehicle insurance


Find out more about our all-risk insurance with full comprehensive insurance and treat yourself to real peace on the road!

Roadside Assistance

Something unforeseen can always happen on the road. It is not pleasant, especially if you are driving with a car or motorcycle. Imagine your car breaking down and you’re standing on the side of the road. What to do? Who do you call?

Roadside Assistance!

Bicycle insurance

Bicycle insurance is a practical help in the event of an accident or breakdown of two wheels. It operates in the Netherlands and also includes an e-bike. If you have a new bicycle – insure it at

Motorcycle insurance

What do I need to do to get motorcycle insurance? Simply fill out the form above and enter the data truthfully. If you purchase insurance, you get protection on Dutch roads, your motorcycle deserves the best deal and you deserve to enjoy peace on Dutch roads.


Scooter Insurance

Scooter under Dutch law is a motor vehicle subject to mandatory insurance WA (i.e. TPL). The need to purchase an insurance policy applies to all types of scooters. If you have just bought a scooter and want to take a test ride, don’t forget to insure it. You can purchase only an TPL insurance policy, but also an extended AC insurance.


Company car insurance Holland

The insurance conditions for company cars are the same as when taking out private insurance, but taking out a vans insurance can be included in the company’s operating costs. Did you make up your mind? Contact our advisors who will tell you what policy you need for your company cars. If you have any questions, they’ll answer it.

Company car!

Trailer insurance

The online insurance of your trailer is very simple. Simply fill in the form above with your data and vehicle data. In the Netherlands, trailer insurance is not mandatory if the trailer weighs less than 750 kg, but if you want to protect the trailer from theft or damage, it is worth purchasing trailer insurance online, especially if you carry something with the trailer every day.

Insurance for young people

You have just bought your first car and want to insure it? Take a look at’s offer, fill out the form above and see how much you will pay for the insurance.

Enter your data and your car licence plate, enter how many kilometres you drive in a year. Maybe you’ve already had a few years of accident-free driving? Check which insurance you want to purchase and choose the best option for you.

We advise you in choosing your insurance, if you have any questions, call: 088 1021 544.

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