Asset insurance: protection and reimbursement with

Asset insurance

The policy covers all movable property in the home, i.e.: furniture, electronic devices and textiles. In the event of theft, water damage or fire, you are reimbursed for lost assets.

Compensation and insurance coverage

Losing everything in a fire or theft? At, we try to ensure that you get the amount of compensation you are due as soon as possible, even when you rent a room, you will get a refund for your lost laptop and damaged items.

Assets insurance covers all items you can move. It is the perfect protection against:

  • burglary and theft,
  • fire,
  • flooding,
  • gas explosion

Property insurance

Comprehensive asset and property insurance will make your home completely safe.

Asset insurance is one thing, but what if you or a family member accidentally destroys a valuable item while visiting friends? Reimbursement for a damaged laptop or TV can be a significant expense. Also, protect yourself against this eventuality. Calculate your liability insurance premium.

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