Legal aid – information from A to Z

Guarantee yourself safety and help in times of a conflict.

Legal aid

Guarantee yourself safety and help in times of a conflict. Legal aid ensures that you will always get the support you need.

What is legal aid?

A conflict or accident can happen to anyone, so it’s worth opting for legal aid insurance. The expenses related to the legal services of a lawyer are very high, which is why at we have a solution for this. We offer easy access to lawyers who provide help and psychological comfort in the least expected moments. The annual premium for legal insurance is less than an attorney’s hourly rate.

Standard legal aid insurance covers:


  • Disputes regarding a rented or purchased house/apartment
  • Problems with neighbours 
  • Damage to property by third parties who do not feel responsible


  • Disputes about, for example, buying or selling a motor vehicle
  • Conflicts regarding compensation in the event of a traffic accident

Work and income:

  • Problems regarding, for example, your employment contract, benefits or pension
  • Conflicts with the employer

Legal Aid – Calculate your premium

At, we offer two ways to calculate your legal aid insurance premium. You can do it yourself using our online calculator or choose our consultant who will calculate the premium. If you want to apply for insurance with our calculator: enter your postcode, house number and how many people are in your family, and you will receive a non-binding offer on the amount of the legal aid insurance premium for all members of your family.

Check your legal aid insurance monthly rate today. Complete the form above and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible to determine the best offer.

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