Legal Expenses Insurance

A dispute could happen to anyone. For example, you can be fired all of a sudden or you may have a dispute with your neighbours regarding the fence. Thanks to Legal Expenses Insurance you always know where you stand and will receive the legal assistance you require.

The annual compensation for the insurance premium is lower than the hourly wages of a lawyer.

This insurance offers you security and assistance in case of a dispute.

The standard insurance applies to the following matters:

  • Apartment: disputes concerning renting or buying a home / apartment, the construction or renovation of your home or noise from your neighbours.
  • Traffic: disputes regarding, for example, buying or selling of a motor vehicle, damage compensation in case of a traffic accident or a ban on driving or if your driver’s licence is seized.
  • Work and income: disputes, for example, concerning your employment contract, allowances or pension. An example of such a situation could be that your employer reduces your salary unexpectedly or suddenly has you work without giving a specific reason.

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