Unfortunate Accident insurance – how does it work and what does it protect against?

What is NNW insurance?

NNW is an abbreviation for unfortunate accident insurance, in Polisa.nl it is basically an accident insurance. This insurance covers the life and health of both the driver and passengers. Accident insurance is paid in the event of permanent health damage. At Polisa.nl you can easily calculate the accident insurance premium for yourself and your entire family and provide yourself and your loved ones with financial assistance in unexpected moments of life.

An accident is a sudden, unexpected event that causes injury or death. Accidents happen extremely often, and their consequences are usually serious and long-term. We are talking about physical and mental injuries, as well as significant financial losses.

What does an accident cover?

  • drowning, suffocation, frostbite, sunstroke, exhaustion and starvation
  • poisoning or internal injury caused by swallowing, inhaling or getting harmful substances or things in the eyes or ears
  • internal injuries, infections or poisoning caused by a fall

If you became permanently disabled as a result of an accident, accident insurance will give you the right to standard compensation. You can choose whether you also insure the risk of death as a result of an accident.

Unfortunate Accident insurance

More about Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is not only insurance for you, you can also insure your entire family or its individual members.

For more information about benefits, contact your insurance consultant at Polisa.nl.

If you buy accident insurance, you do not have to undergo medical examinations, everything runs smoothly and without unnecessary formalities. Accident insurance covers benefits all over the world, so you are insured wherever you are in the world.

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