Discounts from your country of birth

Have you driven abroad (EU) for years without any damage?

Most likely you have accrued damage-free years in your country of birth. Did you know that we are allowed to utilize these in the Netherlands so as to offer you more discount, causing your monthly rate to drop substantially!

Important information

  • The “damage-free statement” must not be older than 12 months
  • The statement must include details of the person who insures the vehicle
  • The time period between car insurances in the Netherlands and your country of birth must not be longer than 12 months
  • You must provide a “damage-free statement” of all previous insurance companies (not just the last one)
  • The “damage-free statement” must not list any damage whatsoever.
  • 5 years will be deducted for every damage (OC / AC)
  • Co-ownership for vehicles does not exist in The Netherlands
  • Accrued damage-free years can only apply to one vehicle
  • If your damage-free years are approved, your overpaid premium will be refunded to you (max. 3 months)
  • Damage-free years only qualify for car or motorcycle insurance. These do not apply to trailers, scooters or bikes

You want to know what discount you receive for damage-free years accumulated in your country of birth?

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