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What is property insurance?

Property insurance at guarantees protection against the financial consequences of damages caused by accidents.

Flooding, strong wind or hurricane, whirlwinds, fallen trees, vehicle hits, hail, lightning, explosions, frost cracks, vandalism and graffiti all threaten your walls.

Protection for you and your loved ones

The primary reason for buying an insurance policy is, of course, to protect your home from any damage or loss that may occur. In addition to protecting the property itself, insurance also helps reduce financial burdens. In the event of damage to or destruction of property, the policy will cover the cost of repair.

Property insurance protects walls and fixed elements. That is the roof, all walls, plasters, plasters and tiles, gas and electric installations, built-in furniture, windows and everything that cannot be dismantled without force.

Comprehensive insurance at

You can opt for the ALL-IN insurance at, which also covers other damages that occur suddenly and unexpectedly: you bought a new washing machine, they fell and damaged the tiles when you were carrying it in? The cost of replacing the tiles will be covered by property insurance. In turn, the cost of a broken washing machine will be covered by home asset insurance, which covers all moving furniture.

At, we not only provide comprehensive property insurance, we can also insure you against civil liability and legal assistance. Need help choosing insurance? Call on: 088 1021 544 or email us at

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