Civil Liability insurance for construction companies

What is a civil liability insurance for construction companies at

Take care of your peace of mind, do not think about the risks and be safe at work with civil liability insurance for companies in the Netherlands.

Who is the civil liability insurance for?

Do you work in the construction industry, have ZZP or BV and you always want to provide your clients with high quality services ? The civil liability insurance is the right insurance for you!  

As there are many risks including the risk of damage on the construction site, accidental damage that will result in a large financial expense – which will all fall on you! 

In addition, many clients (before starting cooperation with ZZP-ers) require that ZZP-er must have a civil liability insurance, i.e. civil liability for ZZP construction companies in the Netherlands. Acquiring such insurance resulted in an increase in orders and hourly rates for many companies.



Whom is ZZP Company Insurance for?

For all those who work in the construction and installation industry.

Why is civil liability for companies in the Netherlands so important?

Imagine: you drop a heavy tool and damage an expensive natural stone floor, a machine falls off a scaffolding and injures a passer-by or shatters a window in the building. ONLY YOU are responsible for all of these damages. You will be obligated to pay the claim that may exceed your monthly and sometimes even annual earnings!

What does civil liability for construction companies in the Netherlands cover?

  • Material and personal damages for which you are responsible
  • Damage to expensive furniture in the client’s home.
  • ADDITIONALLY, POLISA.NL covers damages to personnel hired by you for the construction or renovation period, such as temporary workers.

You are insured from the date of signing the contract.

Civil liability of a construction company calculator – how much will I pay?

We will carefully calculate your premium at – we will take into account your profession, the work you do and advise you on which insurance coverage to choose.

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What do we need from you?

  • Company name
  • KvK number
  • Annual turnover
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

Don’t wait, get the civil liability insurance for ZZP of the construction industry today and finally get a good night’s sleep!

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