Compare the best health insurance in the Netherlands

Choose your health insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance (zorgverzekering) in the Netherlands is paid and compulsory. Every adult working or living in the Netherlands must purchase them. This should be done no later than four months after registering your stay with the commune office / Local authority (Gemeente).

Compulsory health insurance

Anyone living or working in the Netherlands is legally obliged to buy out standard health insurance which covers the costs of:

Extension of the health Insurance

Additional health insurance is not compulsory, but it may cover, for example, physiotherapy or more extensive dental care or so-called alternative treatment.

We recommend that you consider increasing the eigen risico, i.e. at your own risk, if you use the pharmacy occasionally and do not go to the doctor often. Typically, eigen risico in a standard package is around €385, if you decide to increase it, e.g. twice, the monthly health insurance premium will be much lower. Sometimes you can save up to €300 a year on premiums alone.

At you will find not only health insurance, but also car or motorbike insurance and other types of insurance that are worth having in the Netherlands. We also recommend our life insurance policy, which is the second most important insurance after health.

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