Changing car insurance in the Netherlands

At, changing car insurance in the Netherlands is very easy. We will help to terminate the contract in the previous insurance company and select a new, appropriate insurance. You can now calculate the premium yourself using our calculator. If you want to change insurance from Polish to Dutch, you need to change the vehicle’s registration plates. Check how to do it.

Changing car insurance in the Netherlands has never been so easy

  • We accept discounts for accident-free years from different countries
  • Service in your native language
  • Changing car insurance in the Netherlands is completely free
  • Enter your details in the form below, within 24 hours we will provide you with a competitive offer.

Changing insurance is easy with us. After receiving the important information, we prepare an official letter that terminates your old contract and the change of car insurance in the Netherlands will be ready.

Termination of old insurance

The choice of insurer is not for life, if you want, changing insurance can be done quickly, just contact

We will tell you when it is possible to change car insurance in the Netherlands, we will terminate the contract for you and offer a much better insurance.

At, changing insurance from another company is free of charge.

How do we do it?

After purchasing insurance from, we will ask you to provide us with some important information so that we can draw up an official letter terminating your old insurance.

We send this letter to your insurance company and in this way the old insurance is officially closed and you can enjoy the TPL or COMP insurance for your vehicle with

Changing car insurance in the Netherlands? With always in your favor!

Thinking about a change or a new insurance? Our advisor will explain everything in detail. Contact us via the contact form, call us directly on 088 1021 544 or email us at

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