Protect your loved ones by purchasing funeral insurance.

funeral insuranceTake care of yourself and your loved ones. How can you protect them financially in the event of your death? Choose funeral insurance at

Funeral insurance – what is it?

There is no funeral grant in the Netherlands, so when you die, all funeral expenses are paid to your next of kin. Protect your loved ones by purchasing funeral insurance. The monthly premium depends on your age – the younger you are, the lower it is.

  • Funeral insurance is paid immediately after death
  • We help in all formalities related to the payment of compensation

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Funeral expenses

Burial costs in the Netherlands are very high. The funeral itself here costs around €6,500, while bringing the body to Poland with the funeral ceremony is around €8,000.

Funeral insurance covers the costs of:

  • All formalities and procedures related to the funeral in the Netherlands or the transport of the body to Poland.
  • Transporting the body to the burial site.
  • Funeral.

Buying funeral insurance

It’s important to be prepared for various situations in life. You can protect relatives from burial costs. Calculate the premium for funeral insurance that will protect your immediate family against large expenses.

  1. Calculate your premium using our calculator.
  2. Pay one-off administrative costs – the fee does not change if you buy more than one insurance. The cost for new people is 150€ and for customers it is 100€.
  3. Contact our specialists and they will send inquiries regarding your current state of health by email.
  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive your funeral policy.
  5. You are insured from the start date selected on your application.

Insurance package

In our offer you will find a wide range of insurance. Have you bought a house in the Netherlands? With us, you can save money by combining insurance. Save today! Check out our offer at

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