Leasing in the Netherlands – cars, vans and motorcycles


Leasing in the Netherlands is an ideal proposition for people and companies that are unable to purchase the necessary vehicles for cash. Get it today and be on your way tomorrow!

Private Leasing

Private Leasing in the Netherlands is a convenient, fast and flexible way to finance the purchase of a car. Leasing allows you to adjust the installment amount to the budget and needs of an individual customer. Applying for a lease is very simple. Filling out the application will only take 3 minutes, and right after the approval you can become the owner of a new car. The Lease policy offers a flexible leasing period, which allows you to choose the duration of the contract from 12 to 72 months.

Business Leasing

Business leasing is a popular solution as it offers many advantages for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. First of all, leasing is an easy way of financing for companies that want to avoid the high cost of buying new or used cars and other vehicles. Moreover, you can deduct the lease expenses from the company’s tax.


What kind of car can be leased in the Netherlands?

  • The car cannot be older than 10 years (car age + lease duration <12 years at the end of the contract)
  • The minimum amount of funding is €5.000 
  • The car must not have more than 200,000 kilometres driven

Polisa-lease.nl – over 50,000 vehicles to choose from

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Starting from small city cars, through sports cars, to delivery vans for construction companies.

Leasing in the Netherlands is a beneficial option both for people working on a contract or through an employment agency, as well as for owners of sole proprietorships (ZZP) and companies (VOF).

Do you want to apply for a lease in the Netherlands? It’s easy! Choose a car from the offer on our website and apply for it via the online form.