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Cheapest car insurance in the Netherlands

Don’t wait and see how much you will pay for car insurance in the Netherlands. Enter your details, select the number of accident-free years and pay less for your insurance!

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▶ We accept years of accident-free driving, we transfer discounts from abroad

▶ Up to 10% discount in the package

At you can choose between basic car insurance and different types of AC. Calculate your rate in 1 minute! offers you as a car insurance consultant, the perfect Dutch car insurance for: private vehicles, company cars, minibuses, motorcycles and also scooters at an extremely attractive price. If you purchase insurance through our website, you will receive a discount for years of accident-free driving in Poland or Europe. You will also find out how to cancel your current car insurance in the Netherlands.

TPL car insurance in the Netherlands

TPL insurance is mandatory. It only covers the cost of the damage you caused to someone else. Car insurance Holland is just a few minutes entering your details and your insurance for your car or motorcycle will be ready. If you own a car in the Netherlands, you must take out WA insurance, in Polish OC (Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering).

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TPL insurance + Minicasco

TPL Insurance + limited MiniCasco insurance is an extended variant of basic insurance. In addition to the damage you have caused to someone else with your vehicle, it also covers certain damage to your own vehicle, such as damage to the windshield or damage caused by fire, theft, hurricane, hail or animal collisions. We recommend you to purchase this insurance for vehicles between 6 and 10 years old.

TPL Insurance+ Autocasco

TPL + full insurance AC also known as “all risk”, is the most comprehensive form of car insurance in the Netherlands. TPL + full insurance AC, in addition to the damage that you have caused to other persons with your vehicle, also covers damage to your vehicle, even if the damage was caused by your own fault. In addition, you are insured against vandalism and theft. We advise you to always insure vehicles over the age of 6 with TPL + full AC.

We advise you in choosing your insurance, if you have any questions, call: 088 1021 544.

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