Accident insurance for companies in the Netherlands

Accident insurance for companies in the Netherlands ZZP

The Netherlands is one of the most entrepreneurial countries, with more than a million self-employed people. Every self-employed person in the Netherlands must remember to take care of their own and their loved ones safety. Accident insurance for companies is financial support at the time of incapacity to work. It is a safeguard for independent entrepreneurs whose functioning is severely limited for more than 12 months due to their physical condition. 

Social Security accident insurance – what does the Dutch equivalent look like?

Often, entrepreneurs only remember about the necessary insurance, forgetting about their safety and unexpected situations. Income protection insurance is often overlooked or postponed because businesses consider it “too expensive.” That is why there has been a new product created: Accident insurance for companies!

This insurance pays out a one-time tax-free amount of between €35,000 and €200,000 if you are unable to work for more than 12 months as a result of your physical disability. The amount that can be obtained is 3 times the company’s annual turnover. Situations covered by the insurance from income loss include:

  • loss of vision, hearing,
  • mobility disability.

For the amount received, you can take actions aimed at adapting your life to the new situation, such as: adapting the work environment, financing retraining, financing the establishment of a new company, repayment of loans, employees or investments.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones by choosing insurance against loss of income

If you are an entrepreneur in the Netherlands, and additionally you have a family, it means that this insurance is for you. Business Accident Insurance – You and your family can sleep peacefully without any financial worries.

Typically, the insurance premium can be as high as several hundred euros. At it is very low. From just €45 a month, you can get protection for up to €200,000!

How to insure against loss of income?

  • Fill in the form with personal data
  • Complete the health form
  • Enjoy your new insurance!

When completing the application, we ask questions about: your job, income and health. Once you have taken out insurance, you must inform us of any changes in your circumstances. If you are applying for this insurance, you are required to provide us with all the information we need.

Accident insurance for companies – a unique offer for the self-employed

At, we focus on the safety and peace of mind of our customers. We have created a product that meets the needs of the self-employed: affordable insurance with flexible benefits.

The most important attributes:

  • simple and affordable private insurance,
  • one-time tax-free payment,
  • we insure all professions,
  • you are protected at and outside of work.

Feel free to contact us by phone 088 1021 544 or e-mail us at, our specialists will answer all of your queries.

Remember! Accident insurance for companies will provide you with financial security, and in a bundle, it will even save you money on a car policy. Take care of yourself and your family now!